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Vision - Senior Leaders 

Who should attend: Senior-level leaders

Number of attendees: 4 – 16+ leaders

Length of time required: 2-day workshop plus follow-up project planning

All organizations must set a vision, goals, and objectives aligned with

their values in order to move strongly and confidently into the future. Organizations able to out-imagine their competitors are going to be

the ones ...Read more!



Future Planning: Departments & Teams

Who should attend: Department leaders and teams

Number of attendees:  4 - 25 + depending on the department and team size

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up project planning

All teams within the organization must set their business goals and objectives so they are aligned with that of the senior team. After the senior team provides an outline of its strategy, each team within the organization should develop its own department targets and strategy to move the organization forward. When the teams are able to understand the goals of the senior leaders ...Read more! 



Strategy and Risk Management

Who should attend: Senior-level leaders

Number of attendees:  4 – 10+

Length of time required: 2-day workshop plus follow-up facilitation

Globalization and technology have changed how we think about strategy. 

In an ever-changing business environment, leaders who can think in agile ways and adapt quickly will lead the organization forward. Leaders
who take time to consider multiple stories about the future and then
test their thinking against moving variables will be the winners in
this new game ...Read more!



Problem Solving and Decision Making

Who should attend:Multidiscipline teams and leaders

Number of attendees: 5 - 500+ 

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up consulting as required

Still running to put out fires?  We know how exhausting that can be when you are working to solve the unsolvable. It is painful to be struggling with the same problem over and over again.  When circular thinking keeps you stuck and you cannot move forward, you keep trying the same thing and get the same results.  Now it might be time to try a new process, a new approach, a brand new way to think ...Read more! 


Designing Better Systems

Who should attend: Service and product developers/designers

Number of attendees: 10 – 100+

Length of time required: 2-day workshop plus follow-up coaching

The development and redesign of both products and services require developers to think like designers and continually improve products and services to meet the needs of end-users.  This workshop, designed to meet in-house needs and requirements, will follow the path of the user (your customer) to understand where you can make improvements and develop innovations to meet and exceed consumer...Read more!




Leading through Change

Who should attend: Organizational leaders

Number of attendees: 5 - 20+

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up coaching

During times of rapid change, we need leaders who can problem solve quickly and instill confidence in those who follow them. This workshop is a game-changer and will prove to be your team’s hidden advantage.  Leaders who inspire others to follow do not just lead. They lead through change and inspire ...Read more!

Strategic Storytelling

Who should attend:  Internal leaders, brand and product developers

Number of attendees: 6 – 25+

Length of time required: 1-day workshop with follow-up consulting as required

The shortest distance between two people is a story. Stories are the most brain-friendly way to share information. Having 3D models as artifacts in our process ensures stories are not only memorable but will be available when you need to make decisions in the future. Storytelling and story making are two different processes, and both play important roles within learning organizations. In order to inspire people to act,  follow, purchase, or engage, leaders, brands, and organizations must be able to ...Read more! 





Self-Organizing Project Teams: Robots in Motion


Who should attend: All team members

Number of attendees: 25+ 100

Length of time required: 3-day workshop plus follow-up consulting


This workshop has been designed to help project teams work better together. We know that organizations want high functioning and self-organized project teams, but often lack the processes needed to help teams get there quickly. Research indicates that teams that are well organized with a clear understanding of their work, share information faster, communicate better, manage conflict quickly, and produce better results ...Read more! 

Engagement and Team Development

Who should attend: All members of the organization

Number of attendees: 25 - 500+ 

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up consulting

Most organizations today depend on teams to get work done. Leaders want teams to be self-organized, to work collaboratively, and to create higher-level products and services that are clearly the result of collective group genius. Unfortunately, teams often do not function this way.  People become disengaged, team members become political, or they fear their work will not be recognized.  At the worst,  the team is in conflict and the members are disengaged...Read more!


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Looking for innovation?


Together, we will use LEGO® Serious Play® to create your unique Innovation PlayBook that increases your profit through the use of applied innovation.

All CEO's and businesses alike need this PlayBook to start mobilizing their company, creating value and winning market share.  Let our trained team of expert LEGO® Serious Play® trainers and facilitators show you how. 


Your PlayBook will include a series of workshops:

  • Vision for Senior Leadership

  • Future Planning for Departments and Teams

  • Problem-Solving and Decision Making

  • Strategic Planning for Every Individual



All activities will roll up into your organization's unique Innovation PlayBook. Your PlayBook will serve as a powerful document that is utilized at all levels within the organization. For example, it will:


  1. Give your board of directors a clear 5-year plan to show how you will deliver growth
  2. Give your VPs strategic priorities and focus needed to ensure their divisions will meet strategic goals
  3. Provide your frontline managers with a tool to measure effectiveness
  4. Give your frontline staff clear direction to drive results



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