Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Who should attend:  Multidiscipline teams and leaders

Number of attendees: 5 - 500+ 

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up consulting as required


Still running to put out fires?  We know how exhausting that can be when you are working to solve the unsolvable. It is painful to be struggling with the same problem over and over again.  When circular thinking keeps you stuck and you cannot move forward, you keep trying the same thing and get the same results.  Now it might be time to try a new process, a new approach, a brand new way to think. This process in 3D revolutionizes how people think, how they work together, and how they solve problems.  Do not get trapped into fixes that backfire or solve the wrong problem. We know how to move you forward and help you think within a system so you can be agile, flexible, and adaptable with your solutions.  We have the process and you will build the right answer that works for you.


Client Testimonial

"The City of Surrey consistently works to innovate in an effort to best serve our residents in an evolving landscape. Jacquie and Stephen lead our team through the Serious Play problem-solving model which stretched our thinking and perceptions of innovation in ways that we didn’t expect. The outcome was a highly engaged team that felt that they had all contributed to solving sticky problems with tangible outputs that were immediately usable by the City. Not only did the sessions stretch us at a team, but they also reshaped the way that we approach challenges as a City."




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