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Transform teams to perform
at their highest level.


  • Use hands-on building to co-create powerful shared stories, allowing you to uncover your team's hidden potential.
  • Shared mental models help you explore team life at a deeper level, while learning about the concept of group genius.
  • Experience how 3D thinking give you t hat edge to transform from good to great.
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Organizations are in dire need of creative coaches who can deliver programs to support individuals in reaching their full potential.


  • Find your path to success by becoming immersed in the art and science of creative problem-solving, discovering your own unique problem-solving style and strengths.
  • Learn how 3D thinking can open neural pathways, allowing for the development of powerful stories that deliver solid results.
  • Explore obstacles and challenges, and practice reframing techniques to realign and activate positive change.
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Whether you want to out-imagine your competitors or make better use of resources, our unique hands-on program will help you create your winning strategy.


  • Identify your value proposition and discover your hidden potential in this seriously fun, interactive, and highly engaging workshop.
  • Use a 3D process to create your vision, analyze the current situation, and conduct your gap analysis.
  • Test scenarios and develop an action plan to address your ever-changing business or organization landscape.
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    Lead innovation and transform teams into highly effective change agents.


    • Take our in-house leadership assessment to identify your natural leadership elements, which you can further adapt to create a resilient leadership style.
    • Use a systematic approach to reframe and address all challenges so you can develop innovative solutions.
    • Explore how to adapt natural leadership styles with new skills, ensuring success through positive engagement, alignment, and activation.
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    Think like a designer to remove obstacles, overcome excuses, and push the limits to provide the best solutions for products and service delivery.
    • Discover how a well-developed product or service design can be your competitive advantage in today's ever-changing landscape.
    • Explore your current flow and identify pain points and systems errors to improve overall functioning while balancing stakeholder requirements.
    • Create new opportunities to exceed and deliver by uncovering your end users' hidden expectations and unarticulated needs.
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    When adults play at work, we just call it engagement. But play is the pathway into the flow zone, where we enter a deeper level of concentration and do our best work.


    • Discover your unique playstyle and reflect on how this knowledge can make you a better colleague and happier individual.
    • Identify how you and others show up, expressing your individual playstyles. This is the key to superior engagement
    • Explore the ways you can make better connections with those around you to become more confident and connected, allowing you to achieve your ultimate goals.
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    Learn to meet increased demands as you contend with continually shrinking resources.
    • Experience the heightened senses of real energy and play with these simple yet powerful activities.
    • Discover how the hand-brain connection can unleash rich conversations and deep insights you will never reach through ordinary conversation.
    • Explore new ways to engage, solidify learning transfer, and increase emotional and mental well-being, all while bringing more joy to your life!
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    Use 3D thinking to create the stories that will hold a captive audience.
    • Experience how a well-developed and communicated story can call listeners to pay attention and even take positive action.
    • Learn about winning frameworks that use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic tools to hold attention, bring information to life, and aid in learning transfer.
    • Apply this process anytime you need to engage listeners at a deeper level, communicate strategies, brand stories, tech transfer, pitch decks, grant proposals, and more!
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    Conflicts are inevitable, but you can manage and transform them. Let us take you through a 3D process where you learn to keep the peace.
    • Explore individual, group, and community identity, using a 3D thinking and problem-solving process to find, analyze, and manage all disputes, even intractable identity-based conflicts.
    • By playing with intentions, you can experience the effects of unintended consequences without the risk. Pivot and realign to create the best path forward.
    • Create more opportunities for conflict transformation with action items your teams can implement.
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    Learn powerful tools to build superior solutions and revolutionize how people think.
    • Experience the game changing powers of 3D thinking that will have your groups making better and faster decisions.
    • Gain the insights you need to create innovative solutions to your most complex problems.
    • Explore how a diversity of thinking styles connects to a powerful framework, transforming groups, teams, organizations, and communities from good to great.
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    Looking for innovation?


    Together, we will use LEGO® Serious Play® to create your unique Innovation PlayBook that increases your profit through the use of applied innovation.

    All CEOs and businesses alike need this PlayBook to start mobilizing their company, creating value and winning market share.  Let our trained team of expert LEGO® Serious Play® trainers and facilitators show you how. 


    Your PlayBook will include a series of workshops:

    • Vision for Senior Leadership

    • Future Planning for Departments and Teams

    • Problem-Solving and Decision Making

    • Strategic Planning for Every Individual



    All activities will roll up into your organization's unique Innovation PlayBook. Your PlayBook will serve as a powerful document that is utilized at all levels within the organization. For example, it will:


    1. Give your board of directors a clear 5-year plan to show how you will deliver growth
    2. Give your VPs strategic priorities and focus needed to ensure their divisions will meet strategic goals
    3. Provide your frontline managers with a tool to measure effectiveness
    4. Give your frontline staff clear direction to drive results