Innovative Facilitated and Training Workshops


Looking for innovation?


Together, we will use LEGO® Serious Play® to create your unique Innovation PlayBook that increases your profit through the use of applied innovation.

All CEOs and businesses alike need this PlayBook to start mobilizing their company, creating value and winning market share.  Let our trained team of expert LEGO® Serious Play® trainers and facilitators show you how. 


Your PlayBook will include a series of workshops:

  • Vision for Senior Leadership

  • Future Planning for Departments and Teams

  • Problem-Solving and Decision Making

  • Strategic Planning for Every Individual



All activities will roll up into your organization's unique Innovation PlayBook. Your PlayBook will serve as a powerful document that is utilized at all levels within the organization. For example, it will:


  1. Give your board of directors a clear 5-year plan to show how you will deliver growth
  2. Give your VPs strategic priorities and focus needed to ensure their divisions will meet strategic goals
  3. Provide your frontline managers with a tool to measure effectiveness
  4. Give your frontline staff clear direction to drive results