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The Global Leaders in Adult Play Programs

Strategic Play® Global (SPG) is a registered Canadian company.

We are the experts in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator Training

While our head office is located on the Sunshine Coast, we run face to face events from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, we offer LEGO Serious Play methods training world-wide face to face and online and we operate in Europe as SPG Europe.

We have been everywhere from the mines of Bolivia, to the halls of finance in Germany, the US Air Force Training Base in Montgomery, Alabama, and the innovation hubs of Procter and Gamble... and all parts in between.

And our global team of expert facilitator-trainers speak the local languages, understand their region's business culture and are ready to help you unleash the Power of Play.






What our clients have said about us:

"Having the Strategic Play® Global team facilitate brings experience to the next level.  Jacquie brings a wealth of business application experience together with a masterful ability to sense the audience and course correct on the spot to achieve the desired outcomes. As part of my role, I benchmark and validate Best in Class strategic partners on Innovation.  I can say that this organization is Best in Class."
- Richard Perez | Capability Leader, Procter & Gamble GYM Innovation Center

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How we work: 


Sometimes we work directly and collaborate with the LEGO® Systems Group and consult with them from time to time. But we are a completely separate company. We are truly honoured to be friends and goodwill ambassadors to the LEGO® Group, and specifically to the LEGO® Foundation. We recognize and continue to learn from the incredible work they are doing globally as they spread the word that children learn through play, and it's a lifelong process.
Our licensed trainers offer all the same training, developed and supervised by our founder - one of the original Master Trainers in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods for the LEGO® Systems Group, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith.  As well, our programs have been approved by the Global Federation of LEGO® Serious Play® Master Trainers! And, we are proud to say that we also have Maxine King, a seasoned curriculum designer on our team so all our training is brain-friendly and offered to the highest standards. Plus, no matter where you are in the world - our trainers will come to you!  

What's the Global Federation of LSP Master Trainers? 



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Our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY programs have been named,

"Best in Class" by Procter and Gamble!
Our training has been approved by the 

Global Federation of LSP Master Trainers