The Global Federation of LSP Master Trainers?


The Global Federation of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Master Trainers has been developed to ensure that the training offered through our Master Trainer & Curriculum Designer continues to meet the highest standard.


Why do we need this Global Federation? 

The Global Federation has been developed to ensure that the training offered by and/or supervised by the Master Trainers continue to meet the highest standard.  All members of the Federation train and certify facilitators in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, globally. The training offered is of the highest quality and continues to innovate under the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Creative Commons license.

We develop and offer training in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods but have innovated the application using creative problem-solving techniques along with agile methods, art and play therapy applications, all in a neuro-friendly process. The unique training is academically sound as we work in conjunction with an experienced curriculum designer.

The Innovative Certification Training offered under the Strategic Play® Global brand has been approved by the Global Federation of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Trainers and Practitioners.  When you train under one of these trainers you will also be registered as a certified facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods

How will you know?

This Certified by the Global Federation of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Master Trainers logo (below), is proudly displayed on email addresses and on websites, of individuals who have been trained by the experts at Strategic Play® Global in how to apply the tools of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods to design quality strategic and team building workshops and events. 



Global Federation History: Founded in 2016! 


In 2016, at second our annual global un-conference and meeting for certified facilitators in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, a group of 30 facilitators (some in the picture below) met in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada where they deemed it valuable for a formal association to be developed.  Dr. Denise Meyerson and Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, both original Master Trainers with the LEGO Systems Group, were asked to establish the Global Federation of  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Master Trainers. Now you have the back story.  




Denise and Jacquie were both long-time partners with the LEGO® Systems Group Serious Play® Division. They started training in 2007 and were appointed to the LEGO® Training Board by the LEGO® Play4Business Division 2009. The duo were the first official LEGO Partners, and trainers in Canada and Australia and trained globally for the LEGO® Group as "Master Trainers".  Their training experiences extend over 25 years - specifically using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® since the early 2000's. 

Who are the members of the Global Federation?:


Africa / Nigeria:                                              April Anazonda, Licensed Traner

Africa / Nigeria                                               Jumoke Fola-Alade, Licensed Trainer  

Argentina, Chile, Peru & Spain:                     Artruo Gimenez, Licensed Trainer

Brazil:                                                             Kari Campos,  Lead Licensed Trainer

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador:                          Gabriel Ochoa Coloma, Licensed Trainer

Canada:                                                         Stephen Walling, Licensed Trainer  

Canada:                                                         Sebastien Giroux, Licensed Trainer

Canada:                                                         Maxine King, Curriculum Designer 

Germany:                                                       Sven Poguntke, Licensed Trainer

Hong Kong, Mainland China:                        Brian Tang, Licensed Trainer

Hong Kong, Macau, China:                           Joe Leung, Licensed Trainer

Mexico:                                                          Hugo Alvarado Riquelme, Licensed Trainer

Panama:                                                         Rosa Mon, Licensed Trainer  

USA:                                                               Steve Ralph, Lead Licensed Trainer 

United Kingdom:                                            Jonathan Banister, Licensed Trainer

New Zealand:                                                 Sue Anderson, Licensed Trainer

Australia:                                                        Sandra Lunn, James Roper, Licensed Trainer 


More high energy, professional LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainers are joining our team each month.  


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