Elements: The Nature of Innovative Leadership

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The Nature of Innovative Leadership Certification with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods

People can go three minutes without air, three hours without heat, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Some can even go three months without human contact. But no one wants to go another second without leaders who do not know how to inspire or engage, re-frame challenges, and create collaborative solutions.

“Finding your element is essential to your well-being and ultimate success, and, by implication, to the health of our organizations and effectiveness of our educational system.”

-Sir Ken Robinson


Innovation leaders are not expected to have all the answers. They may be able to identify trends for the future, but it is impossible to make accurate predictions. The way forward requires an applied process with an open mindset, not an expert opinion.

Lego Serious Play takes a front seat in this applied innovation process where everyone knows the others are listening.

Are you ready to lead innovation and transform teams into highly effective change agents?

Are you developing leaders inside organizations with their succession planning?


If you answered yes, we have excellent news.

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This is your moment to shine.

Here is what  Mike Campigotto, President & Founder Safesight Exploration, had to say:

"An invaluable resource for anyone leading innovation, this creative leadership  program is a game changer. From fostering  innovation and adaptability to  nurturing a high-performance culture, this  program  equips leaders with  the tools to navigate change,  inspire teams, and achieve  sustainable growth.  With  its clear and  concise step-by-step  approach  to applied  innovation, this program  is  an essential companion for  any  business  leader who  aspires to  elevate their creative leadership skills and propel their organization to new heights.  Prepare to  be empowered, motivated, and equipped with  the  knowledge to drive meaningful  results  in  your business,  community, or organization."

Here is what Catherine Fitzgerald, Director, Information Technology & Transformation,

Municipality of Chatham-Kent, had to say:

"Here's a brief testimonial, I hope it captures how transformational this is going to be for our organization!

We had a wicked complex problem that needed a solution, we could not do as we had done before. We needed to think about and approach this exercise in a brand new way – that's when we found Strategic Play. Jacquie and her team facilitated workshops that were engaging, inclusive, strategic, and fun.  We have learned tools and techniques to  get to  innovation  and  to apply LSP for team building, creative problem solving and more. Leaders walked out of the two-day workshop with an action plan, a commitment to execute on the plan and a renewed sense of excitement."  - Catherine Fitzgerald

How it works:  

This workshop  training program utilizes elements of strategy, visioning, storytelling, coaching, design thinking, creative problem-solving, and action planning together. This is an adaptive leadership certification course with the following modules, divided into natural elements and seasons of change.

Module One / Spring: Situational analysis 

Module Two / Summer: Visioning and idea development

Module Three / Fall: Evaluation and improvements

Module Four / Winter: Empathy, engagement, and action

Participants learn the changing elements of leading through innovation during all 4 seasons in order to emerge as an adaptive and resilient leader. Workshops are offered from one to three days  in length. All  workshops start with a  leadership  assessment.  

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