Maxine was trained originally in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods by the LEGO® Systems Group in 2007.  She has not only completed all certification programs but is instrumental in the course design.  She holds a Master’s degree in leadership and learning and has also studied early childhood education and disability studies at Ryerson.

Maxine’s 30 years of experience working in Post Secondary Education where her specialization in early learning provided her with a thorough background in the value of play and the importance of active learning.  Designing and implementing training outside Canada has provided Maxine with experiences that support Strategic Play® Group Ltd. in our many International opportunities.

During Maxine’s secondment from Social Services into Planning and Research, as the college’s Curriculum Designer, she designed innovative programs and implemented unique delivery models across all sectors.  Today, Maxine brings her vast experience in play partnered with her expertise in curriculum and instructional design to our team.  Maxine ensures that all our training programs are designed and delivered with academic rigor; consistently across all continents, with measurable learning outcomes and curriculum that builds upon existing knowledge and skill sets .... all delivered with full participant engagement and lots of laughs.