Engagement & Team Development

Engagement and Team Development

Who should attend: All members of the organization

Number of attendees: 25 - 500+ 

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up consulting


Most organizations today depend on teams to get work done. Leaders want teams to be self-organized, to work collaboratively, and to create higher-level products and services that are clearly the result of collective group genius. Unfortunately, teams often do not function this way.  People become disengaged, team members become political, or they fear their work will not be recognized.  At the worst,  the team is in conflict and the members are disengaged and not aligned with their goals.  Not all teams are working at this very poor level, most manage to get by. But how many teams are truly highly functional?  What if the people on your team worked at the highest level? What if every team within the organization worked at the highest level? What if every team was engaged and understood how to reach and maintain peak performance? What if every team clearly understood its goals and how its work pushed the organization toward its strategic objectives?  If this were the case, you would have a highly functioning organization. It would be unstoppable no matter the market conditions.

Client Testimonial: 

"Our teambuilding day using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods was an outstanding success. With Captivating simplicity, the workshop was a powerful approach to unlock the full creativity of staff. The progression of skill-buildingexercises creates a uniquely grounding experience of three-dimensional self-discovery interwoven with genuine team values. It was wonderful to see how  working with LEGO allowed staff to tap their creative potential and further the goals of the session by achieving full contribution by each participant."