Designing Better Systems

Designing Better Systems

Who should attend:  Service and product developers/designers

Number of attendees: 10 – 100+

Length of time required: 2-day workshop plus follow-up coaching


The development and redesign of both products and services require developers to think like designers and continually improve products and services to meet the needs of end users.  This workshop, designed to meet in-house needs and requirements, will follow the path of the user (your customer) to understand where you can make improvements and develop innovations to meet consumer needs and wants. We do this all in 3D with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods. Consumers/customers are more sophisticated now than ever before. They expect services and products to not only satisfy their needs but to delight them long after their interaction with your service or product is over. Do you want people to recommend you to their family and friends? Would you like your products and services to be the number one choice in the market?  If these are your goals, this workshop is for you.

Client Testimonial:

"The STRATEGICPLAY®  session's using LEGO bricks held with my senior leadership team was extremely creative, high energy and collaborative. The workshop's we held seem to really set free my leader's ability to think more strategically and in new and inspiring way's. What really pleased me with these sessions was how my team responded after the workshop. Leader's who in the past were ridged in the way they approached problem-solving and mapping out priorities for their team to win, were more open to allowing team member's to think about "what is possible" versus a typical action plan. Very pleased with the time we spent and plan to revisit again with my team soon!”