Strategy & Risk Management

Strategy and Risk Management

Who should attend: Senior level leaders

Number of attendees:  4 – 10+

Length of time required: 2-day workshop plus follow-up facilitation

Globalization and technology have changed how we think about strategy.  In an ever-changing business environment, leaders who can think in agile ways and adapt quickly will lead the organization forward. Leaders who take time to consider multiple stories about the future and then test their thinking against moving variables will be the winners in this new game that leaves nothing to chance and everything to those who have already considered the system and understand the impact. Why take risks in the market when you can think strategically and play with your strategy in 3D with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods?  This workshop gives you the table to create and build your strategy so everyone can see what is happening and what you can do to plan and lower risk.  Research indicates this is the best way for the brain to think at the deepest levels, where innovation and insights are mined. If you want to ensure a sustainable future, this is the session for you.


Client Testimonial:

"Jacquie led our senior leadership team through a LEGO scenario-testing exercise, which was an excellent and innovative way to explore our insight into the organization's future. The exercise encouraged us to engage differently with the usual list of stakeholders and risks, using a hands-on approach that was inclusive and creative. I found the visual and interactive aspects very valuable, setting the scene for us to lead by example as we evolve into a culture of innovation and collaboration."