Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storytelling

Who should attend:  Internal leaders, brand and product developers

Number of attendees: 6 – 25+

Length of time required: 1-day workshop with follow-up consulting as required


The shortest distance between two people is a story. Stories are the most brain-friendly way to share information. Having 3D models as artifacts in our process ensures stories are not only memorable but will be available when you need to make decisions in the future. Storytelling and story making are two different processes, and both play important roles within learning organizations. In order to inspire people to act,  follow, purchase, or engage, leaders, brands, and organizations must be able to tell inspiring and compelling stories. This workshop takes a product or service and runs it through the storytelling process to uncover potentially game-changing insights. If you want people to be inspired by what you do or sell, this course is for you.

Client Testimonial: 

"In my experience, Strategic Play has been very effective to create physical constructs/artifacts among senior executives to represent complex problems and strategies that enable deep conversations leading to new insights and strategies.  I really value the methodology for enabling conversations free of bias and the flexibility to create scenario simulations in real time in a very simple and practical way.  These scenarios are instrumental in creating robust strategies in multidimensional situations that are difficult to examine with traditional board meetings.  The fun and engaging elements of the methodology are nice “icing on the cake”,  the real benefit is the breakthrough insights that are discovered leading to more robust business strategies.  Having Jacquie and her team facilitates brings experience to the next level.  Jacquie brings a wealth of business application experience together with a masterful ability to sense the audience and course correct on the spot to achieve the desired outcomes.  As part of my role, I benchmark and validate Best in Class strategic partners on Innovation.  I can say that Jacquie’s organization is Best in Class."