Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Who should attend: Organizational leaders

Number of attendees: 5 - 20+

Length of time required: 1-day workshop plus follow-up coaching

During times of rapid change, we need leaders who can problem solve quickly and instill confidence in those who follow them. This is no easy task. This workshop will highlight leadership and team strengths in a supportive environment and illustrate new ways to lead followers.  We will begin with a psychometric assessment, aimed to highlight the diversity of thinking.  We will move on to building in 3D with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods so all the leaders can discover their superpowers.  This workshop is a game changer and will prove to be your team’s hidden advantage.  Leaders who inspire others to follow do not just lead. They lead through change and inspire their followers to meet the organization’s strategic goals.

Client Testimonial: 

"T. Rowe Price, has realized by using the Strategic Play method.  Both myself and my colleagues in Organization Development Consulting have found the method to offer many benefits to the work we do and the clients we serve, such as:

  1. More efficient decision making due to the ability to align leaders around key decisions at a deeper level in a quicker amount of time than other methods we have used
  2. Participants can actually see concepts in 3D rather than relying on words to convey oftentimes complex ideas or thinking, which enables greater alignment and understanding regarding key issues
  3. It creates a level playing field where all participants, regardless of place in an organization’s hierarchy, equally participate in the process and have their voices heard
  4. The ability to play with possible scenarios in a tangible way allows for the testing of different ways of looking at the world and consequently greater awareness around what is and what could be
  5. Participants are way more engaged than with the typical way of processing these conversations
  6. All of this enables leaders to thoroughly surface perspectives that oftentimes are held but not shared, understand and align around shared meaning about an organization’s reality and/or potential future, and gain clarity about actions that will help bring them to their desired end state. Finally, Jacquie is great to work with, extremely creative, and excessively generous with her time.  I can’t recommend her, her work, and the LSP method more highly. "


     JEFF BALESH / Human Resources | Organization Development Consulting

    T. ROWE PRICE, Owen Mills, Maryland, USA