Vision and Future-Planning Senior Leaders 

Vision and Future-Planning Senior Leaders 

Who should attend: Senior level leaders

Number of attendees: 4 – 16+ leaders

Length of time required: 2-day workshop plus follow-up project planning


All organizations must set a vision, goals, and objectives aligned with their values in order to move strongly and confidently into the future. Organizations able to out-imagine their competitors are going to be the ones that hold and capture market share. These are the organizations where organizational intelligence functions at the highest levels and cascades down to all members. For years, senior leaders have known there must be a better way to share their vision and inspire leaders. We have the method.  Why have another talking meeting with PowerPoint when you can hold a dynamic and fast-paced LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods workshop with 100% engagement? Everyone builds in 3D and walks out knowing exactly where they are now, where they are going, and what they need to do.   If you are looking to out-imagine your competitor, set measurable outcomes,  move your organization towards its strategic goals, and remain relevant in an ever-changing market, this session is for you.  

Client Testimonial: 

"This session came at a time of significant transition for our organization and we could not have been happier with the results. The use of LEGO as a visualization tool created a tangible way for everyone to express the challenges they see in the organization's future and a basis to collectively work on envisioning the best path forward. I was particularly impressed by the structure of exercises and how they reinforced the value and perspective of what each participant was expressing. Several Board members commented on the refreshing take on strategic planning, and how motivated they were to move forward. The structure of the entire day was fresh, fun and was -in my experience - the most effective session I have participated in. "

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada