What's next for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods facilitators?

Everything changed-again!


What's next for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods post-COVID-19?


Every day we receive messages from our community, asking us how we see the new normal. Some people question if they should change direction, some have already changed direction, and some are patiently waiting for things to go back to the way they were before.


So many questions in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Community, but here are a few wise ones to consider:


  1. In What Ways Might We think ahead to what the world needs after COVID-19?


  1. In What Ways Might We strategically prepare to catch the next wave?


  1. In What Ways Might We make the best of our time now, without getting distracted?


  1. In What Ways Might We NOT dramatically change our business models and service offerings to something we don’t really do well or will use after COVID-19?


  1. In What Ways Might We start up again appropriately with hands-on bricks?


When managing change, no one ever said, “Panic, drop everything, run in the other direction and burn all the bridges on your way out of town.” 


As we watch the market change during COVID-19, we see people making really bad decisions.  They are making choices without carefully considering if they will backfire. Unfortunately, this panic may result in business failure.


We are not saying, “Do Nothing.” We are saying, “Make good decisions, using a systemic approach.”

We are not saying, “Don’t take any risks.” We are saying, “Manage risks appropriately.”

We are not saying, “Don’t test or try or prototype something new.”  We are saying, “Be thoughtful and wise and learn from the experts."


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, most of our clients have gone through a familiar pattern:


  1. They rescheduled their events, workshops, and training.
  2. They went silent as they managed their own immediate crisis situations.
  3. Now they are reaching out to see what types of engaging, creative online LSP tools and options we might have for them.


AND yes, we have some well-curated solutions

because we know not everything converts well to online. 


We predict clients will soon be searching for more solutions to help them grieve and manage loss.   Many will need to rethink business models, strategy, risk, and manage conflict. They will need options that support physical, emotional, and psychological safety for the people they support.  Here is what we have right now to help prepare our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY community of facilitators for what we believe will be the next big wave, or should we say, tsunami. 


We are offering a variety of online certification programs.  For all the reasons stated above, our programs have been well designed to give you the powerful tools you need to use LSP effectively during this time of both isolation and technology overload.


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY was highly effective before COVID-19, and it will be even more effective with the changes that have occurred.


Not only are these programs in place to support people, but we also designed them to be truly transformational. Read more about why our online methods work. 


Rest assured, this is not a knee-jerk reaction to COVID-19.  Our team of learning experts has been developing online programs since 2017.

Now is not the time to learn new short-lived tools. It is time to develop your tool kit with sustainable skills. 

Follow the link to find our expert trainers who are delivering programs in your language and time zone. This is a new beginning and the time to build something new!

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