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Our Graduates Receive: 


1. An official LSP certification with hours logged (applicable for continuing education credits) 

2. A deck of 3D Diagnostic Cards associated with your training program*

3. 90-day license to our online assessments associated with your training program*

4. Registration with the Global Federation of LSP Master Trainers

5. Templates, road maps, activities, and downloads 

6. Invitation to join our exclusive secure global network of facilitators for ongoing support and coaching


*Each program has slightly different give-away tools so please check the registration form  for more information


The Strategic Play Learner Experience:


Licensed trainer live course instruction

Flip classrooms with high-tech solutions

Templates & downloads

Professionally produced videos

Customized apps 

Self-serve content

24-Hour online community

Brain-friendly delivery

Learner-centered program

Curriculum professionally designed

Offered  in French, Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese


Online Strategic Play Assessments

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Amazing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Community Members

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Why Strategic Play Global?

We hate to brag, but did we mention:

1. We were the recipients of the only LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Business Development Award from the LEGO® Systems Group.

2. Our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods training was named “Best in Class” by Procter and Gamble (2013-2020).

3. We are the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods trainers of choice for the US Air Force (online and in-house).

4. We are long-time partners and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods presenters for the Creative Education Foundation.

5. We have the fastest-growing safe and secure LEGO SERIOUS  PLAY methods online community of users.

6. We have been Training and Certifying facilitators in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods since 2007

7. Our founder originally trained for the LEGO Systems Group as Master Trainer in 2009.

8. We have a full range of beginner and advanced courses to fit your unique needs and learning style. 

Wow, that's a lot of very good reasons but...if you want a few more...


9.   We have written three books.

10.   We invented the 3D diagnostic cards based on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods.

11. We have developed in-house play-based psychometrics to support our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods programs. 

12. We designed and delivered LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods workshops for the United Nations.

13. We have a full curriculum of courses from beginner to advanced, designed by an online learning expert.

14. Our training development team includes an original LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods Master Trainer, education & play specialists, and online learning experts. 

15.  We have been working on this amazing ONLINE program with a team of play and educational experts since 2017 

16.  We were the first to bring LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods to Canada.

17.  We were a part of the LEGO Play 4 Business Team that took LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods to the Open  Source Market.

AND - drum roll, please! 

18.  We were the first to train in  LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in North America under the Open Source Business Model 


Here is what the participants are saying:  


online-lego-serious-play-training_-sarah "The online courses through Strategic Play are some of the best I have ever taken! I love how I am able to go at my own speed and learn in different ways all in one course. The courses include reading materials, watching videos, independent practice, connecting with an online community, and through video conference. I can already think of so many ways I can apply what I’m learning to my work at Intel, and to how we can do things differently in an increasingly virtual world." 

- Sarah Moyle, Portland, Oregon, USA 


"Just got my certification for Advanced Creative Coaching with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methods and Materials. Thank you Sven and Jacquie for all. In this course, learnt so much about creativity, us humans and the way we think. I got a new view of things and used a lot of things every day. Thanks for the intensive and instructive time. I am already looking forward to the next course."

-Michael Gamböck, Senior Strategic Development Manager, Creative Cloud VideoAdobe 



"The Strategic Play Creative Coaching course is already proving its worth, driving my learning
through information, engagement, and self-reflection. As an experiential learner, I find the content and activities are perfectly balanced.  Creative Coaching uses the ideal analogy of driving a car, which gives a concrete yet conceptual context to the content. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods and the Creative Problem-Solving Process pair perfectly to give coaches an effective framework and bring coaching to a completely new  level"

-Noreen McChesney, Sudbury, ON, Canada



"Knowing the incredible level of professionalism and expertise Jacquie and her team at Strategic Play Global bring to the table, we were thrilled to learn they now offer LEGO® Serious Play® training online. Having now taken the course, we are happy to report that the online course far exceeded our expectations and was a very worthwhile investment. We would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to expand their facilitation skills and LEGO® Serious Play® knowledge!"

- Kelso Brennan and Breanne Ross, Edmonton, AB, Canada

"Participating in the online Creative Coaching course has been an incredible and invaluable experience.  I have experienced the privilege of learning and discovering in each session, professionally and personally, whilst amongst the exceptional talent of our trainer leading the sessions and the creative bright minds sharing and taking part throughout.  The delivery and content is organized, accessible, and relevant — making this Strategic Play training yet again ‘Hard-Fun’ and very worthwhile.

-Angela Pezzano - Melbourne, Australia 


"This course is amazing. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to get out of it going into it,
but every week I am blown away by the insights I am discovering about myself and in particular, my blindspots. I have found huge motivation from Strategic Play Global and 
the sharing of other course  members to finally take my new business forward."

-Sarah Jacobson - Melbourne, Australia 

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