Mindstorms & LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methods: Agile Project Teams in Motion!


-This program combines LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® with LEGO® Mindstorm robots, weaving principles of agile and lean to develop high-functioning & self-organizing team performance



Prerequisite:  Any one of the following courses:  


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods for:
·      Teams and Groups 


·      Creative Coaching


·      Strategic Storytelling


Now with LEGO® Mindstorms® Robots and Creative Problem-Solving Processes, combined with Strategic Play® tools and materials all applied in a unique and powerful program that delivers project team results.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations in all industries and service sectors are forming task and project teams to get the work done. Everyone from healthcare professionals to marketing teams, IT teams, community leaders, and even public school teachers must help teams perform at their highest capacity.

Multidisciplinary teams are often developed to work on projects that are more complex, with constantly changing requirements. But how can we take teams to the highest level of functionality where they are equipped to:


  1. Respectfully take full advantage of the talent on the team?
  2. Make the best use of their resources (time, people, budget, operations, etc.)?
  3. Use creative thinking to effectively solve problems faster and better, to find innovative solutions?
  4. Use 3D creative tools like LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to understand team interests and talents, stakeholder interests & positions, visioning, and to plan strategy?
  5. Gain the competencies help move multifunction project teams from the conception stage to the implementation of an action stage in iterative steps?




This training provides team coaches, educators, and facilitators with a ready-to-go program they can deliver to teach, coach, and facilitate better ways for teams to work together on project-based work.  Research indicates that teams that are flexible, adaptable, and agile are more successful as they navigate messy problems in real-time, and that’s why we have developed this hands-on, interactive training. The experience is so powerful, memorable, and applicable that learning goes immediately from the training room to the project floor.


As the facilitator/ leader, you learn to train "from the back of the room" and use teachable moments to coach a team to success. You provide the process and the learning happens organically as the project unfolds. This is a play-based, fast-paced program, where participants are 100% engaged as they work together to solve a real-world problem using both LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and LEGO® Mindstorms robots and materials. You will learn to adapt and design this core program to your unique environment to deliver your project based training workshop that will rock.  


This training highlights leadership, conflict management, creative problem solving, and diversity of thinking all at once. You will see, hear, and do in this interactive program as you experience how to get a project done and done well, on time and with the resources available.  


Get ready for the learning of your lifetime.


You get:

  1. Insights into real cases where we have used the tools and applied them successfully inside organizations
  2. A manual with the ready-to-go program including research articles 
  3. A set of your own Strategic Play® team LEGO® 3D diagnostic cards & book with great activities 
  4. Your unique innovation assessment to help you understand how you think when solving a problem, along with handouts and materials
  5. Your LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® starter kit of unique bricks
  6. A professional set of photographs ready to use for your marketing launch
  7. Helpful tips and tricks for kick-starting your professional program
  8. Your certification, noting hours logged in training by a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Licensed Trainer


Objectives your clients want you to help them reach for capacity building for 21st-century leadership skills!  

  • Lead by example and use the circle of influence to contribute to team processes
  • Become a high-functioning team member 
  • Use effective communication skills for critical conversations
  • Develop your team into a high-performing team
  • Manage change processes
  • Understand and measure risks
  • Apply agile, flexible, and adaptable thinking skills
  • Take responsibility, and step up and speak up with confidence
  • Engage stakeholders and motivate team members to perform at their best
  • Work and excel under pressure
  • Apply creative problem solving and divergent and convergent thinking appropriately
  • Evaluate and select work paths
  • Identifying the criteria needed for decisions
  • Think strategically when under pressure 
  • Coach others to perform at their best in real-time
  • Work with project or product owners to manage scope creep
  • Present finished products 


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