Playsonality© Certification

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Prerequisite—Any one of the following:

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods for:


Test your DNPlay to find out your unique playsonality playstyle. 

Why is Adult Play so important? How we play is directly linked to how we learn, think, work, feel, perform, and interact with others. 


What you learn in play you remember for life! Do you run with scissors or play well with others

Time to discover your unique PLAYSTYLE!

Are you looking for:
A new way to engage with your people?
Put your LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation skills to work in new ways?
Add more fun to your the culture of your workplace?


If so, we have designed this certification just for you!  Not only will you walk away with new insights about the power of play and how we all use play every day, but you will have this new tool you can use immediately to improve team performance while adding more play to corporate culture.


This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a session that will:


  1. Unpack the value of play at work and reveal the ROI of play in corporate life.
  2. Use the Strategic Play Playsonality app to decode your playstyle and the styles used by others.
  3. Conduct a deep dive into how play formulates the ways we work, both alone and with others.
  4. Explore conflicting styles of play and how they show up to bring creative tension.
  5. Compare and contrast playstyles and career path choices.
  6. Identify playstyles and the key to happiness.


Learning Objectives
  • Facilitate and explore play on a deeper and more meaningful level.
  • Discover new ways to stimulate powerful conversations about work and play.
  • Supplement your creative program with engaging activities people will remember.
  • Gain new tools and techniques for your play toy chest.
  • Explore how Playstyles pave the way to flow.


What you will learn
  • How to use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methods to unpack adult playstyles
  • The stages of playful development
  • The motivations and values of play
  • The power of diversity in play and work
  • How play is connected to learning and how we show up at work
  • How to incorporate micro bites of playful learning to make your content stick
  • Fun activities to supplement your facilitation play chest
  • New ways to improve communication and human interactions at work


Your training kit includes
  • 600 unique playstyle cards work workshop activities
  • 50 game cards for workshop activities
  • 100 I.D tags (lanyards not included)
  • PowerPoint with speaker’s notes on play and playstyles
  • 100 unique codes to use with your people
  • Photocopy permission granted materials for workshops using the assessment
  • Pop up signs for table  identification 


You will get
  • Your official certificate, including hours of training, signed by one of the original LSP Master Trainers
  • A badge for social media and Linked In
  • Online classroom self serve classroom to support you live learning program
  • Registration with the Global Federation of LSP Master Trainers