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"A card pack covering these issues is unique, in my experience, and is an engaging resource I will use again in my group facilitation to bring issues into the light of day."
- Greg Hoehner, Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Facilitator and Coach


Greg has been in the profession of creating learning and talent development solutions for more than 20 years in the Asia Pacific region. His contributions span across three areas:

a) helping organizations develop their talent;

b) leading groups to create new ideas and ways of working; and,

c) coaching individuals to strengthen their ability to bring their innate gifts into the world.


Greg bought the cards after being introduced to them in his facilitator's certification courses for Lego® Serious Play®. His motivation for using them was to help in training groups to more easily identify existing organizational dynamics that are not immediately recognized or acknowledged.


These are critical environmental factors affecting all people trying to create change, such as introducing new ways of working.


Greg’s workshops often take place at off-sites, where he helps groups to find solutions for targeted issues. These are complex issues requiring everyone’s input because there is no single expert who can solve them. The cards are a valuable resource for problem identification and solutionizing activities that require people to face up to real issues in the work environment. The wide range of phenomena in the cards helps to broaden people's awareness of what can go on “out there” in daily reality.


The colourful visuals lower people's barriers, encouraging them to get up and browse, which gives a lighthearted energy to the activity.

As a result, individuals demonstrate greater advocacy for the issues they have chosen. The participants get the complete picture of the situation as they learn about the issues people are dealing with in their respective parts of the organization.


Greg used the cards in a workshop with a European asset management company in Singapore, where he helped managers with job applicant interviewing skills. He was concerned candidates were getting an unrealistic vision of the work environment, as managers were glossing over the realities and challenges.


Greg asked the managers to each select two cards depicting issues they should bring up in interviews in an effort to keep things real. They then prepared how they would introduce the issues, along with the questions they would ask of the candidates. The activity was a success and was even specifically cited by the head of learning during a course review.


"A card pack covering these issues is unique, in my experience, and is an engaging resource I will use again in my group facilitation to bring issues into the light of day." - Greg Hoehner, Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methods Facilitator 


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