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Images have been a form of communication long before words came into existence.


In fact, the early written languages were born from images and evolved over the centuries.  We all know the following saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, there are reasons for this.

Our brains are designed as image processors.


Images are a natural result of eyesight, something humans have had since the beginning of time, while the written word is a construct we only recently developed.  Images are a more effective communication vehicle from the perspectives of comprehension, volume of information, and ease of recognition and remembrance. Images are more space efficient than words.


For example, if you look at this photo, there is no possible way you could write everything you see and feel from its image and be able to evoke the same emotions as quickly as you can by just looking at the picture. 



It takes much less energy for the brain to see and interpret the meaning from an image compared to written words. We all know the feeling of brain fatigue that comes from reading too many reports and emails, or even the books we love. Our eyes evolved to see for all of our waking hours every day, without causing brain fatigue. This explains why many people find it takes less energy to watch a youtube video than read the instructions.


This is what makes our Diagnostic Cards so powerful. The added metaphors allow people to tell richer stories and to express their ideas at deeper levels much quicker. The metaphors also use humor in a lighthearted way that allows for the images to communicate at a much deeper level.




As LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators, images help you to communicate more effectively with your clients, and for your clients to communicate with each other. Whether it is on a whiteboard, through physical props like LEGO® Bricks, or our Diagnostic Cards based On LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, be sure to get some great images into your workshops.


Here are some videos on how we use these cards -take a look! 






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