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Diagnostic Cards at Play in Creative Conflict Management

"Since using the cards I would not want to conduct my practice without them.”

 -Jennifer Webster, Mediator/Arbitrator/Lawyer


It’s always wonderful to hear stories from our trained LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods facilitators. This one was too good to keep to ourselves, so we wanted to share the news.


This story comes from Jennifer Webster, who is a Canadian mediator, arbitrator, and lawyer. She is also a trained and certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods facilitator.


Jennifer bought our Diagnostic Cards to use in her facilitations, specifically to open the lines of communication amongst group members. Conflict management is never easy. It is important the mediator, in this case, Jennifer, has all the information she needs before she even gets the parties to the table. It is particularly vital when the next step in the process is an interest-based facilitation workshop.


Jennifer discovered the Diagnostic Cards provide a great way to start challenging and critical conversations with individuals who are very closed.


"The cards help people to express themselves and take risks."


The cards helped to give a voice to individuals who have limited language abilities or who may be having trouble articulating what they want to say. Jennifer has also used the cards with groups and also during private interviews.


"The visuals provide an artifact or a durable touchstone during conflict management. People often refer back to one or more of the cards as an expression of their experience. This lets the visual stand in for their words." 



According to David Gauntlett & Bo Stjerne Thomsen: 

Cultures of Creativity: Nurturing creative mindsets across cultures

"To build bridges between cultures, people need a common language through which they can develop shared meanings. "


At Strategic Play, we did not develop the cards for creative conflict management; however, as Jennifer discovered, they are a critical tool in the conflict toolkit.


"The cards allow people to be seen, heard, and understood, which is an important first step in the conflict management process."


“I will be using the cards again in two upcoming challenging situations, and I am hopeful the cards will accelerate my understanding of the, “What is happening?” and “How is it affecting you?” questions, as well as the participants’ understanding. Thank you so much for this tool. I do believe that I won’t approach conflict mediation without them in my practice. Using them I have been able to draw out so much more information, and so much more quickly and effectively. Since using the cards I would not want to conduct my practice without them.”

 -Jennifer Webster, Mediator/Arbitrator/Lawyer


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Good to know:  Every order comes with a PFD booklet full of new and interesting ways to use the cards in facilitations, everything from openers to activators to root cause analysis. 



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