Trainers Boot Camp 2019!

The Strategic Play Global Team met in Whistler for the first ever trainers’ boot camp. And like every smart team we worked, played, created, and developed some amazing results. 


But it wasn’t all about hard fun...we did some Strategic Playing too! 



Bootcamp, LEGO Facilitator Training Group

LEGO Facilitator Training Bootcamp, Axes!

2019 Bootcamp LEGO Facilitator Training for Adults
Creations from LEGO Trainers Bootcamp!

Old Graffiti Forest
Trainers Bootcamp, Flags from Around the World

Our Team 2019 - LEGO Trainers Bootcamp


LEGO for adults, team photo

  • 7/11/2019 5:23:18 PM
  • Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
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