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My first experience with LSP was terrible, and I dropped the idea of getting certified. A couple of years later, I learned about Strategic Play and traveled to San Diego for the training (with a lot of doubts). Then one of those participants form that group met Jacquie and she talked about me. And that’s how I traveled to Whistler, met Jacquie, and became a trainer. 

Now let’s get to know Hugo on a more personal level:

What is your dream vacation?

I would like to take a sabbatical year (or two) and travel around the world.


Dark chocolate or milk chocolate


Milk Chocolate

Favorite social media platform?



Favorite LEGO piece or kit?


Not one or two, but the 6 LEGO bricks of the Duck


Favorite song?

Tough question, I love music, but if If I had to choose only one: The Nights, by Avicii


What do you think is the most boring thing ever?

Review my accounts with my accountant to pay taxes


If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

I would go back to 2014 when my father was just starting to get ill and put more pressure so he could start his treatment earlier.


How many hours of sleep do you  need?





I have one Dog, it´s name is Luke (like Skywalker)

Tea or coffee? 


Chai tea late


Favorite book?


Again, tough question, I love books, but if I had to choose only one: How will you measure your life, Clayton M. Christensen


Early riser or night owl?

Early riser


Texting or talking?



What do you think a person needs to be happy?


Appreciate the simple things that life gives you


What is something very few people know about you?


I like to roller skate and play the piano.

Favorite movie?


Again, tough question, I love movies, but if I had to choose only one: Jurassic Park I

What are you currently binging on Netflix (or your streaming service of choice)?


Manifest om HBO Max, (and got angry because it got cancelled, they said Netflix will rescue it)


What is your all-time favorite quote?


When I get old, I want to minimize the number of regrets that I have in my life. Most of our regrets are acts of omission. The thing we did not try, it´s the path untraveled. Jeff Bezos


What are you currently reading?


Sell with a Story by Paul Smith



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