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CPSI 2018 Spotlight: New York 
Inventures2018: Alberta 







It was a busy JUNE!  

In June, along with giving the keynote at the Inventure$ 2018 Conference in Alberta, Jacquie spoke again in a Spotlight at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in Buffalo, NY. These types of Key Notes are great because not only do we have the stage where we promote the transformational power of play, but we also demonstrate diversity of thinking using 6 simple LEGO® Bricks—the Duck bricks. We consider ourselves Lucky Ducks to have the job of promoting the powerful concept of play and to be able to play with 1,400 (Inventures2018), and then 500 (CPSI 2018), innovation leaders all at once.


CPSI 2018: Duck Builders 
Inventures 2018: Duck Builders
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We are honored to be featured as thought leaders and change agents, not in the field of play alone but also in the field of INNOVATION. When we talk about play we are not really just promoting the idea of play, which in and of itself is hugely valuable to humans of all ages. We demonstrate how play is transformation.


We can and do, in fact, change minds in seconds with just a quick demonstration.


People often ask us, “How do you get important (serious) people to play?”   

The Answer?  SERIOUS PLAY®



We do this using a few simple LEGO® bricks delivered and woven into some powerful messages linked to pop culture connected to societal, economic, and political changes. 

 1. We capture serious imaginations with the speed it takes to prototype a few ducks.

 2. We talk serious language when we deliver research findings on engagement and link research to Return on Investment (ROI), and illustrate underlying issues in one minute flat.

 3. We seriously grab attention when we predict and deliver back in seconds builders' inner thought processes as they grapple with time constraints, defer judgment, conduct market research, prototype, use executive functioning, and select their unique duck.

 4. We address serious issues such as project management breakdowns, subconscious beliefs, resistance, resiliency, and inventory control.

 5. We seriously inspire them when we explain we are the same humans with the same human needs in a rapidly changing planet.

 6. We present a serious reminder that we just need to connect back with our underlying human needs, illustrated as we connect the bricks and share our stories. 


To hear the Key Note given at the Inventure$2018 Conference in Alberta and again at the CPSI 2018 in New York, join us at the 2018 Unconference and Meeting of LSP Facilitators Pre-Course: Playing with Professors, in Whistler, BC, on October 22, 2018. Not only will you hear Jacquie’s Key Note, but also the summary of the panel she moderated with Procter and Gamble, Intel, and Safe Sight as Industry Leaders talked about how they use SERIOUS PLAY for everything from Management Team Development to Product Development (The Swiffer product family) to creating high-functioning IT teams.  

The Playing with Professors workshop will be a historical review of the original professors who invented LSP and our own Professors, who will be talking about their research findings and how they use LSP in their work today.


And if you attend this, stay for the 2018 -4th Annual LSP meeting and Unconference in the Americas. It is two days of jam-packed fun and activities. Also, check out the other pre and post courses that follow the Unconference.  Here is the line up:


October 15, 16, 17:  Certification Training in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods: Teams and Groups -  Register Now 

October 18 & 19: Advanced Certification Training in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods: Playing with Strategy - Register Now

October 20 & 21:  Certification in Graphic Recording and Facilitating for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Facilitators - Register Now

October 22:  Workshop: Playing with Professors- presentation from the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Field - Register Now

October 23 & 24: The 4th Annual Unconference and LSP Facilitators Meeting in The America's - Register Now

October 25 & 26:  Advanced Certification Training in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods:  Creative Problem Solving and LSP - Register Now


And if you can't make the live events above you can always grab our book.  It's full of quick, low cost, high impact activities to shake up your meetings, classroom activities, and workshops or off sites.  






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