Play:  How it Shapes Your Life!


Here is an interesting question, one you might not have thought about before: 


What was your favorite game or activity when you were a child? 


How do you think that playtime activity could have shaped the way you made educational and career choices as you got older?

How do you think your childhood playtime might have shaped how happy you might be right now?

To understand more about how play shapes our lives we need more information:

  • First, we need to do a deeper dive into the question: What is play?
  • Second, we need to understand why the brain finds play to be so enjoyable, and specifically the unique way each of us prefers to play.
  • Third, we need to understand how play shapes our brain, allowing us to learn, problem-solve, process information, and think about the world around us.
  • And finally, how does our preferred way of playing support our decisions as we make life choices?


Play and how we play shapes many of our bigger life decisions such as where we live, who we are friends with, how we spend vacation time, and what types of things we spend our money on. 
It is also somewhat responsible for helping us decide what career we might like to have in our future, how we work with others, and what we might like to do with our retirement.

If you are interested in the topic of PLAY, don’t miss this year’s 2019 Playing with Professors and Unconference to learn more about just how influential Play really is! 

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