Playsonality at work with Google


We have great respect for the potential of play.


Time and again, we’ve seen how people learn through play while discovering ways to create lasting and meaningful change.
Over the years, we have observed the different ways people play with each other. We realized there are different styles of play, and they impact how people come together and either succeed or fail.


Through careful study and observation,

we came to identify eight distinct playstyles.


We figured out what makes them tick and how they can learn to work with others whose styles are in complete opposition.


Our endgame is to help everyone, no matter their playstyle, come together and succeed as teams to face any challenge that comes their way. We’ve been working on an assessment we are ready to unleash on the world.
We call it Playsonality.


If you’ve been keeping up with the Strategic Play Podcast, you know all about Sara Ramadoro and her work at Google Digital Academy.
She ran a Playsonality workshop with her team, and they were very excited by the results, which they found accurate and full of potential. Here are just a few of their comments:


''I really liked the idea of assessing one’s playstyle. Knowing your playstyle is like understanding your learning style and how you best work with others. I thought the length of the questions was just right and the questions were easy to follow.” 


“The test was enlightening as it helped me reflect on and understand my working style better. The test also helped me understand how my personality affects my motivation, demotivation and communication within a team.”


"It's always amazing how a short set of questions can produce such a fitting personality profile. Playsonality did not disappoint! The outcome felt quite fitting, I could see myself in the result and am looking forward to further exploring how we can make use of the different types in our team."


Are you ready to position your teams to be their collaborative best?


Email us so we can set up a chat to talk about Playsonality and what it can do for you.

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