Strategic Play Conference: The Dali Art Museum 2024


Salvador Dalí, renowned for his surrealist masterpieces, was not merely an artist but also a playful maestro who approached life as a canvas of endless possibilities. Central to Dalí’s philosophy was the idea of treating life as an experimental playground, a space for creating whimsical prototypes defying the seriousness of the ordinary.

Dalí’s art was a reflection of his mastery and a testament to his commitment to playfulness.


He saw life as a canvas and testing ground, where he could twist, reshape, and reinvent reality. Dalí’s art became a playground of imagination, inviting viewers to engage with the unconventional and challenge their perceptions. His whimsical mindset permeated his entire existence, reminding us all to play.

His playfulness extended to the theatricality of his public appearances, where he seamlessly blended art and life. His unconventional outfits and flamboyant gestures were not just expressions of artistic eccentricity but living prototypes of a man unafraid to defy societal norms. His iconic mustache was an eccentric and whimsical extension of his playful persona.

Salvador Dalí’s legacy encourages us to treat life as a canvas for playful experimentation. His surreal prototypes, whether on canvas or in persona, remind us of the joy in defying expectations and embracing the unexpected. In a world often weighed down by seriousness, Dalí’s whimsical approach invites us to dance with the surreal, paint with bold strokes of imagination, and, above all, to remember the liberating power of play.


We asked Dr. Kim Macuare, Director of Programing at the Dali Art Museum, about Dali at play:

There is perhaps no better representative of Jung’s belief that “[t]he creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct” than Salvador Dalí. Whether he was putting on a full diving suit before lecturing on diving into the unconscious, participating in Surrealist games like exquisite corpse, creating a self-portrait mash-up of himself and the Mona Lisa or using a piece of paper with a dead fly on it as the starting place for a work of art, Dalí was dedicated to channeling the power of play to circumvent the usual ways of seeing and doing things. Rather than a distraction or a frivolity, his playful attitude was the source of his inspiration, allowing him to explore novel ideas and create images that are recognized as being truly revolutionary.


In 2024, Strategic Play Global is hosting their annual Play Conference at the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Join the play movement at the Dali in Florida in March 2024 and connect with some of the leaders in the field of play-based methods in this inspirational and imaginative location. We have three fun-filled days of playful learning ahead.


Register now for March 18, 19, & 20th 2024.

See you in Florida! 

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