Network Hero: John Brewer


Last month, we ran a contest in our community for Strategic Play trained facilitators in the method of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.


We asked our members to tell us their stories about someone they met in the community who had really helped them out in a meaningful way.


We’re happy to announce our winners: Van Lai-DuMone and her nominee John Brewer!


(Shush....They’ll each be receiving a fun LEGO surprise in the mail soon.)


And here is the winning entry:

"My Network Hero is John Brewer! Back in 2019, John used the network's 'in search of' section to let us know he had a connection in San Diego interested in using LSP with Navy veterans transitioning to civilian life.

I (Van), responded, leading to an introduction to The Honor Foundation , a non-profit organization that provides a 3-month transition program to Navy SEALS and Special Force Operators. Within one Zoom call with the VP of Programming, we agreed it would be a fit to bring in LEGO Serious Play methods to the program, specifically to get these men and women to think creatively as they consider possibilities for their future.


From this introduction, since 2019, I have been part of The Honor Foundation's volunteer faculty, where I teach Transition Night each quarter. On this night, we use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to explore and build possibilities for careers outside of military service. The impact has been incredible on both the fellows in the program, and on me.

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, as I am a Vietnamese refugee. The US Military was an integral part of my family's transition to the United States - giving us our first home at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in San Diego. Now I get to pay that forward and use my skills as a Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator to play a part in their transition just 10 miles south of that base!

Thank you, John, for always sharing opportunities, and creating possibilities for our group individually and collectively to impact more people."

The team at Strategic Play wants to thank both of our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator Heroes: John for reaching out and Van for answering the call!  It's because of our amazing community and their great values that we have such a wonderful base.

Collectively, we are all doing such important work. You just never know how far your positive influence will travel.


If you have a great story like this one, send it our way We are always on the look out for GOOD NEWS! 

Yes, it's true - love wins! 

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