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If you have been following our Instagram feed, you know the Strategic Play Team has been busy in Brazil.  We just completed our first Master Class for trained and certified LSP facilitators in São Paulo. We had a total of 20 people in the training and it was buzzing with activity. Then we returned in  January and we did  it again! 


The training is designed to allow the participant to drive the agenda.  In this particular session, the need for a deeper understanding of how to design workshops along with some ready to go road maps.


We used infinity mapping to understand the types of workshops most needed. Then we got to work.  Teams formed to work on road maps and trainers provided coaching in real-time. By the end of the day, the group had developed five unique road maps. Each team presented their ideas and mapped out the agenda.

Want to join us?  We still have room in our March 2020 Class email for more information! 


Innovation Presentations

Again, the Strategic Play Group presented at the Innovation Center and Business Incubator Habitat in São Paulo. We presented the State of Play and the ROI on Innovation.  So often we talk about innovation and maybe we even do innovation, but how do we measure its impact?


By conducting an accurate assessment, identifying good metrics, and setting up a tracking system to measure results, businesses can not only keep innovation programs going, but they can make arguments for funds to be directed toward innovative practices.


If you need innovation, email us today!


If you do innovation but don’t measure it, email us today!


There are many good reasons we are considered “Best in Class” by Procter & Gamble. And this is a title we have held since 2013.


Take a quick look inside the training room - here we are in January in São  Paulo, Brasil with our mannequin challenge!  





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