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(photo above: CPSI 2022 The LEGO® Haiku)

According to analysis by Gallup, the best tactic for leaders this year will be to focus on employee engagement and well-being, largely through better management training and support. But like most organizations, you are probably in catchup mode in regards to training in general—for everyone. 


If you thought boring workshops were ineffective before, they really are now. You aren’t going to inspire anyone with a dry lecture or slideshow. You need fun, creative, and highly interactive workshops. People learn more by doing, and in a Strategic Play workshop they’ll do a lot! We have a global team of facilitators, all trained by us in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods. And because our founder is one of only four Global Master Trainers trained by LEGO® themselves, you can be sure we know our stuff.


Whatever your biggest concerns may be, we strongly suggest you start by rebuilding and reconnecting your teams. They need to be aligned with each other to succeed together. A great way to do this is to arrange for your team to participate in our new Playsonality© Assessment and Workshop, which we developed based on years of experience and critical observation. Each person will learn about their own unique playstyle and how it affects the ways they work and play with others. This knowledge helps solidify teams as they learn to collaborate better together.


And if you’re new to us, we offer so much more. We can customize a wide variety of workshops to help address your biggest concerns. Take a look at this brochure to get an idea of the different ways your group can benefit from a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop. If there’s something you don’t see or you have questions , don’t hesitate to ask!

P.S. We are speaking and presenting in  California at the EPIC Summit in April, 2023 - and in NY at the  CPSI Conference in June,  2023- join us there to learn more about LSP and our 4 year journey developing our playstyles assessment Playsonality©.



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