Our books on LEGO® Serious Play® tools, tricks and activities will help you take your facilitation to the next level. 


As experts in the field, we wrote the following books to share our knowledge on all things related to LEGO® Serious Play® so you too can provide world-class facilitation:


Strategic Play:  The Creative Facilitators Guide - By Jacqueline Lloyd Smith & Dr. Denise Meyerson

Vol# 1: Activities for Engagement



Facilitating is a continual learning process that involves years of research and trial and error. As experts in the field of LEGO® Serious Play®, the authors, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Dr. Denis Meyerson, wrote this book to share some of their favorite tools and techniques. Their goal is to help other facilitators to be successful in their endeavors, from planning to implementation. This is a collection of countless activities in one handy book - enjoy!


Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitators Guide - By Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, Stephen J. Walling, & Dr. Denise Meyerson

Vol# 2:  What the Duck! 


Vol# 2:  What the Duck! LEGO Book

This collection of duck activities has a strong fun element, however, we do not want it to sound like it is all just fun. There is, in fact, a wealth of solid theory that forms the basis of why we developed this stream of uses for six bricks in the business and learning environment.  You only need a few bricks to see the power of this hands-on mind- engaged 3D tool.  


Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitators Guide - By Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, & Stephen J. Walling

Vol# 3:  Diagnostic Cards! 


Vol# 3:  Diagnostic Cards! LEGO

This ebook is free when you order any set of our Diagnostic Cards based on LEGO® Serious Play® methods.  Read more about the cards and the tool here!