Hey, you! You're in charge now!



And just like that you are leading.


Now that you have caught your breath, are you curious about your unique and natural leadership style? Your element?

The thing that will give your transition into leadership an edge? Yes, you have one.


We identified nine natural leadership styles that help to identify your natural elements that show up in the four seasons of innovation.


Maybe you're a Water, Wood, Earth, Light, Fire, Thunder, Air, Moon, or North Star Leader.


Each leadership style has strengths you can utilize as needed as you, the leader, find your best path forward. Once you understand this natural element, you will hold the key to identifying your strengths and uncovering when and where you need to augment your skills to become a resilient leader.


Most leaders do not give a lot of thought to this question because they are way too busy to stop and ponder. However, the answer to this question could give you a big advantage along this new life journey. When you shift into a leadership role, your new job is not to do the work as you always have; now it's all about engaging others so they follow your lead and support your efforts.  As a leader, you will be measured on your ability to be agile, flexible, and adaptable in the face of continual change.


Now your KPIs will include:


  1. Your ability to create a compelling vision for others to follow.
  2. How quickly you can gather key information from the field.
  3. Your ability to understand the root cause analysis when considering the facts.
  4. Your ability to create and generate new and innovative ideas and solutions.
  5. Your ability to evaluate and make decisions to move forward.
  6. How effectively you can engage and work with key stakeholders.
  7. Your ability to plan and implement and get things done.


With the ever-changing landscape, leaders need to be not only agile, flexible, and adaptable: They need to be resilient.


If you are a new leader or someone who is responsible for developing new leaders within your organization, contact us for more information.


Now is the time to put nature (and our assessment) to work!


Let's find out more about what makes you and your leaders tick, how you can be adaptive and resilient, and how you can take on your new roles with an open and confident attitude. Get in touch today to learn more about this program and how to arrange your customized workshop.

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