Talking about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) methods? 


Five things to remember!

  1. Don't sell Lego Serious Play. This may sound counterintuitive, but selling “LEGO bricks” as a feature is not going to result in the interest you think. As LSP facilitators, we love this tool and we love LEGO. But not everyone does. The LEGO brand is so strong, most people think it is just a children's toy. You are speaking with adults who have real problems to solve. So what do you talk about? See Points 2 and 3.
  2. Talk about engagement. The first thing on most people's minds right now is the lack of workplace engagement. Most HR and OD people know how low these levels are, and many CEOs are aware the lack of engagement is draining valuable resources. This is the pain point that opens great conversations. Engagement across the board is less than 20%. This means businesses in all industries (both profit and non-profit) are wasting a shocking 80% of their resources right now!
  3. Explain the positive outcomes of using this 3D tool. At its core, Lego Serious Play is for deep thinking and communicating; but that's just on the surface. Clients want to hear about the engagement and the insights that emerge as a result of the process. After teams share their insights by making and telling stories, everyone gains more confidence to make important decisions. This paves the way for team alignment, and important information will begin to cascade.
  4. Give real world examples of people and organizations using Lego Serious Play to solve actual problems. If you are new to the field and do not yet have your own success stories, you can reference other's case studies. But be honest about the source of your information. If the client finds out you misrepresented your facts, your credibility will be gone. So make sure you cite the sources appropriately. There is no shame is using other's examples; everyone needs to start somewhere.  At Strategic Play, we  have  many case studies and testimonials on our site you can reference.
  5. We are all Storytellers. Storytelling is key to sharing good information, so live this learning and make sure you have a good story to tell. You need an opening, a middle, and a closing. Keep this process simple and end with an invitation for a demo over coffee. Remember: Talking about Lego Serious Play is abstract; it takes great imagination because it is outside the normal business world. Your story comes to life when people get their hands on the bricks.


We hope these five tips will support you in your efforts to share the power of play!

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  • 1/8/2024 4:09:46 PM
  • Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
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