Creative Reflections


(photo above: CPSI 2019- NY: Strategicplay Keynote)  


It’s high time for another creative activity, wouldn’t you say?


So let’s all grab our bricks and dive in.


Today, we’d like you to focus on the positive. Forget about the world and all the stress from work and life.


What is something you can do that makes you happy? And we mean really happy.


Maybe there’s an activity that helps you blow off steam. Maybe you’ve had a creative project in the back of your mind you’d enjoy working on. Maybe you have a project on the go already.


Build a model of one or everything all together. Maybe you can expand on your ideas and come up with a new challenge or goal. And you know what? Feel free to go rogue on this, if you want. You don’t even have to build with bricks. Look around your home for some unexpected and unusual building materials or break out those art supplies you’ve been meaning to play with for a while.


If you’re up for it, we’d love to see your creations.


Snap a photo and email it to us along with the story.  And if you’re already trained and certified  in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods with us, then just log in to our private community and share it with everyone there!


  • 2/20/2023 1:23:25 PM
  • Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
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