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This year we were once again proud to sponsor Creative Problem-Solving Institute’s CPSI Conference.  The theme was Unexpected, and a few very unexpected things happened. Don’t worry, they were all good!  In addition to connecting with some very old and wonderful friends, we also made new friends. We’ll probably be seeing a lot more of them given the plans we are already developing behind the scenes.


  1. We tested out our new Playsonality Style Assessment—What’s that you might be thinking? Well, you can join us at the Unconference in Whistler in October (more on that later, but back to CPSI).

  2. We ran our Jump into LSP with a huge group—30 people joined us and we had lots of fun. Check out the mannequin challenge in the video below! Our newest trainer, Jonathan Bannister, joined us along with our California trainer, Dr. Steve Ralph.

  3. We offered a breakout based on our use  3D cards for inclusion design—There is a story behind this story; however, for this purpose, we added photos. For those of you in our members’ community, you can grab the PowerPoint presentation and test out the workshop yourself in your setting.


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