Book Review: Storytelling for Business

Storytelling for Business: The Art and Science of Creating Connection in the Digital Age

By Rob Wozny

Publication Date: May 2022

Review Date: Jan 2023

By now, you are aware storytelling is a significant and effective business strategy—to the point where everyone’s taking part. Even so, only knowing which strategies are essential in keeping up with the competition is not enough. You must also learn how to execute them in a way that will help your organization realize the full benefits, to avoid wasting time and money. In Storytelling for Business, Rob Wozny takes his readers through the ins and outs of telling a full and compelling story.

From senior journalist to creative content strategist, Wozny’s career experiences have given him a wealth of knowledge regarding formulating persuasive stories. Each chapter begins with a case study that is an anonymous and fictionalized account of past projects in which he was involved in guiding towards a successful outcome.  Each chapter also ends with a section that clearly outlines his main points and serves as a useful reference in recalling information. Are you getting started with business storytelling or looking for tips for improvement?  If so, this book will help you find what you are looking for. 


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