LSP Meetings and Unconference 2019 - In Review

What Happened in Whistler

Does Not Stay in Whistler - because we are all about sharing!



This year, the 5th Annual Unconference was all about playing with new ideas.  And FYI on October 1, 2019 Strategic Play hosted the Golden Brick Awards Dinner - so make sure you read this article next!

Golden Brick Awards

We had some VIPs join us this time around. Of course, there were our presenters from Playing with Professors, which took place on September 30, (read more on that below). And we had some other Play Professionals with us as well, our good friends Robin Sather, Professional LEGO® builder (The Master Builder we like to call him), and Frank Prince, Innovator and Author. 


Playing with Professors


Professional LEGO Builder: Robin Sather

Robin shared his story about becoming a Master Builder and living out a lifelong dream to build cool things with LEGO.  He supplied the group with small builds that he had custom made -super cool.



Master Facilitator Frank A. Prince

Frank ran a workshop session to illustrate Flow Theory and the Subconscious Mind. Not only did this session illustrate how Flow happens and how using relaxation techniques can lead to the deepest levels of concentration, but the outcomes were amazing 'out of this world' creatures! Yes, we used Play-Doh to illustrate Flow at an LSP conference - don't tell the purists.  Since we were taking a deep dive into the theory to better understand the process, the tools were secondary to the learning.  And if you know us, you also know we play with ideas and materials alike as we believe in, "People over tools and process".   


uc2019francine ucleo ucross uc2019zac uctamara


Playsonality Style Assessment

Frank and Jacquie also ran a workshop on the Playsonality Assessment. They illustrated how psychometrics are used to identify play styles and how this impacts our ability to learn and work together to form teams and get work done.  Each team then developed an activity based on their preferred style, and everyone received their certification for joining and helping to build this process.  Don't worry if you missed it, you can still take the assessment -see BIG RED BUTTON BELOW.   By the way, we are gathering information for research purposes (always for good), so expect some questions on demographics. 

Test Yourself




Encouragement for STEM (or STEAM - the A is for Art)

Belinda Heyne and Richard Perez, two of the Professors, ran a workshop to uncover the power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a tool to help youth work out science experiments.  It was a powerful combination of P&G products, Science Experiments with LSP -More on that soon!

Openers and Closers

And a group effort was made to offer Openers and Closers - Activities for Engagement!  The group shared 8 activities where participants shared back and documented the ideas. 

Sales and Marketing

Jacquie ran two workshops, the connection between relationship and sales and designing workshops that deliver outcomes and reach client results.

FBI Face Reading

Frank ran a workshop on FBI face reading.  Sorry, but this information is top secret. If you want to know more, you will need to ask Frank—this information cannot fall into the wrong hands.




(Yes, this is a real photo of Frank A. Prince - now for those of you who joined Frank...what does this face tell you?) 

New Community Members

And the newest member of our community joined us this year.. Announcing Ms. Mila Jacqueline Martin- Sarah D. Moyle, husband Andrew, and big brother Owen, kindly brought along their new baby girl for us to cuddle (during breaks of course).




Zombie Danger: Not for children

Stephen, Sebastien, and Sarah (SX3) ran a breakout: The Race Car Zombie Challenge.  Teams formed to design race cars to kill zombies and restore world peace, with fast-paced, totally-kid-like builds to illustrate teamwork on a global scale.

And the winners are.....Team Hong Kong - Zac and Joe!  This Technic Set will be built in Hong Kong! 


ucrosaarturo ucleomelissa uczombiewinners uczombiewinners2


We ended Unconference 2019 by playing THE BLOP!  It was just one more game to bring teams together and a perfect way to end our amazing conference. Thanks to Frank for sharing this excellent closing activity! 
Plans are already underway for 2020 - so stay tuned to the newsletter so that we can give you the information as it develops! Until then - see you online at our amazing community site! 

What's that?  You are trained but have not yet joined the community?  Email us at with your name and date of your training and we will get you your VIP invitation! 

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