LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methods: Inclusion and Design Thinking



In December, Jacquie and Steve traveled to Belgium where we had the most wonderful opportunity to work with Miriam Elst of Play Strategy and Johan Verstraete.  They were launching the newest LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods advanced training certificate in Design Thinking.  




Experts designed and developed this new program, with huge efforts and amazing contributions from several of our training team members. Miriam Elst of Play Strategy took the lead. She was supported by Yelda Gurbuz Erdogan, from Turkey. And Johan Verstraete, from Belgium, provided feedback and co-facilitated the training. All three collaborators have a rich experience in user design, so they made the perfect team. 



I interviewed Johan Verstraete (inclusion design expert), after the training to get his impressions on both LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and our new Design Thinking training.  Johan is an expert in inclusive design. Spoiler alert:  If all goes well, Johan might join us and co-facilitate with Miriam Elst and me (Jacqueline Lloyd Smith), at CPSI2019 in Buffalo, New York in June—stay tuned. 


*To reach Johan Verstraete:   Email:


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