Whistler At Play: Evening Events


After playing and working hard all day we organized some fun evening events for our group  to head out into the Elements.

Here is the overview of the amazing evening events in Whistler as  part of our Strategic Play 2023 Conference !

Tuesday Evening Event:  Vallea Lumina

We promised everyone a week of fun, so we did our best not to disappoint. In preparation for the Elements Program, we sent the group to experience Vallea Lumina, an immersive multimedia night walk in the woods. Talk about getting into the elements, especially with the very appropriate rain storm that just happened to occur that night.


Wednesday Evening Event: CSI (Creative Storytelling Immersion) into the Woods 

On a dark, damp, and misty Whistler Mountain evening, this breakout session took participants out of their comfort zones and deep into the woods. Facilitators Kim van Laanen and Femke van Assouw, are the Docent Creativity | Practoraat Betekenisvolle Creativiteit |SintLucas. Joining us from the Netherlands, Kim and Femke provided this CSI workshop to the group. They led participants into the wood to examine a crime scene surrounded by security tape, where the outline of a body was left in a covered walkway area near the Valley Trail bordering on Nita Lake.

Kim  and  Femke divided the participants into teams and gave them CSI protective clothing and headlamps.  Armed with only a few clues, the participants worked together to find their team’s unique evidence in the woods, near the trail, under bushes, or hidden in the leaves.

Based on a storytelling structure, the teams created their own unique crime board identifying key information and linking evidence together to build their strongest case.  Each team created what they believed to be the keys to breaking the case and uncovering the crime using creative problem-solving and great teamwork! The evening ended with unique and sometimes very funny presentations. 


Thursday  Evening: Escape Whistler! 

As the week wound down, we sent everyone to Escape Whistler! As you guessed, that’s the local escape room. The teams had a great time as they got to experience the ideas they’d been learning about breaking the code on teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and learning something new about themselves.  If you really want to discover more about a person, find a new way to play together. Our calling cry rings true once again:  You just can’t hide in play!



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