Using Creativity to Save the World


The World Creativity and Innovation Day Summit took place on April 21 for 20 hours straight. 


We invited all our Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods facilitators who belong to our Strategic Play facilitator network to join us in the chatroom for a watch party and discussion! 


Being midweek, we knew it would be hard for a lot of people to attend. But we had a nice gathering of people coming and going, and we thoroughly enjoyed the event.
An impressive array of speakers discussed the creative aspects of the work they are doing to help tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We learned about a range of topics, from addressing the extreme waste of the fashion industry to noise pollution caused by human activity that is harming ocean life.  

And yes, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith was there too, reaching a wide audience as she spoke of the importance of play, which the UN has even declared a basic human right. 


Some of the speakers admitted they had doubts about the feasibility of achieving their goals.  But one thing they had in common, was they all said it was worth trying. This led to conversation in our chatroom about the importance of being a good global citizen. It starts with acknowledging your place in the world and the impacts of your individual actions.
Toward the end of the summit, we learned an interesting fact from the hosts. They admitted that just 72 hours before it started, they looked at their speaker list and only had six people confirmed. They went  online, seeking and contacting everyone they could find in hopes they might be willing to share their stories. Knowing this fact makes the summit that much more impressive. It also speaks to the tenacity and creativity of those involved.

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