Time to skill up!


Everyone is itching to return to normal.


More places are easing or abandoning restrictions altogether, despite the fact the danger is not over. England recently lifted most restrictions during a surge in COVID cases. In the U.S., cases are quickly rising in areas where people have opted to go about business as usual while refusing the vaccine. And many companies are announcing plans to reopen their offices.


Bringing people back onsite will require some serious planning.


No one should expect it is a simple matter of unlocking the doors and everything will magically return to normal as we knew it. Not everyone is eager or ready to return to the office. Workers need to be assured it is safe. And everyone needs to feel they are being treated fairly as businesses navigate the complexities of the situation.


We conducted a poll on LinkedIn to see how people feel about this prospect. Nearly half of the respondents said they’re only comfortable going back part-time. 32% said they were not ready to go back at all, while only 21% are eager to get back full-time. How can businesses prepare to welcome everyone back, especially when not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea?


Clearly, it is time for some serious strategizing. Instead of fearing the unknown, make it an opportunity to skill up so you can help plan ways to make these transitions go as smoothly as possible. In August and September, we’ll be offering online LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certifications in Playing with Strategy as well as Creative Coaching.


Register today and get ready to be part of the solution.


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