The Curious Little LEGO® Duck


This last weekend we travelled to a more remote location in Mexico for my eldest son’s wedding.  My son met a wonderful young woman who is the fourth generation to live and play on a ranch about three hours from Mexico City. It made the perfect backdrop for this amazing wedding. Coming from Canada, we loved learning more about the people of this historic region and their culture. And of course we loved the sunny climate.


While we were getting our family photographs taken in the courtyard, which dates back to 1710, I asked my husband to put my cell phone into his pocket for safe keeping.  As he reached in, he discovered, What the Duck? He had a small stowaway in his inside suit jacket pocket. Yes, the curious little LEGO® duck had come along for the ride.


As we dug out the pieces for the duck, we all laughed with delight!


My husband has no idea when he wore this suit last or why the duck would be in his pocket.  We then included the duck in some of our family photos as a welcome reminder of how well the duck can travel and can hide in a pocket, creating a welcome and unexpected surprise.


Have you ever reached into your pocket and found some LEGO you might have put there and subsequently forgotten?  The wedding was a very happy and joyful occasion, but it makes us wonder at how just a few small bricks tucked into your pocket can make you smile when you find them—by a happy accident or on purpose.


We then took the duck with us to tour the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. After all, he had come a long way and deserved to have some fun while learning about this historic culture.


Do you have a LEGO duck story that makes you smile? If yes, please share it with us. We love to hear about your What the Duck moments! Tell us your story in the comments below or send them to

And if you have any photos of your own, we’d love to see them as well.

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