Connecting with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods at CPSI 2022


Connecting with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY: Did someone say LEGO?


During this evening plenary session, Strategic Play Global founder Jacqueline Lloyd Smith focused on the importance of reconnecting. People have an inherent need for meaningful human connections and a sense of belonging, and Jacquie highlighted the damage that occurs when humans lose these connections they so desperately need to thrive.



Research has identified that a lack of human connections can be more harmful to your health than smoking or high blood pressure.  Our social connections can improve self-esteem, increase our ability to build empathy for others, help us to regulate emotions, lower anxiety and depression, and even improve our immune systems.


Jacquie highlighted the work Strategic Play Global has done since 2003. The Strategic Play Global (SPG) team has been busy taking LEGO® bricks into corporations, businesses, governments, non-profits, and communities around the world. We have connected people with strategy, brands, ideas, solutions, neighbors, leaders, teams, their own families, and most importantly, themselves.


Everyone had a chance to build with those around them by picking up three Duplo® bricks we placed on each of the chairs before the attendees arrived.


Each brick was labelled with a single word; we included values, positive actions, locations, and random fun things like collaborating, trust, joy, zoo, and milkshakes. We invited the audience to connect with those around them by making a haiku or any other type of poem.


This fun hands-on activity put the teachable moments into motion as people built connections and considered the value of play.



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