Roberta Pacheco Agostini

Spotlight on Brazil! 


We would like you to meet a member of our family of facilitators, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods facilitator Roberta Pacheco Agostini; she is based in Brazil.  


We are pleased to have Roberta as part of the Strategic Play Global family.


After nearly 20 years in corporate leadership, she felt compelled to move on from corporate life and founded her company Liberta, with the mission to “develop collective emotional intelligence to cultivate more human environments.”

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(above photographs from - Liberta workshops).


Roberta took this leap after considering everything she was experiencing and observing in the corporate world. Not only could Roberta grasp the need for innovation and significant process improvements, but she also observed the rampant lack of engagement so many organizations are struggling to address. In addition to her personal experiences in the corporate world, she also has dedicated herself to continuous education in subjects such as communications, marketing, design, and neuroscience and behavior. And of course, she is Strategic Play certified in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.


Passion born of experience is a huge plus in predicting success, and Roberta reports feeling motivated in a way she has not for a long time. We cannot wait to watch how her journey unfolds.

Until next time: Play on, Roberta!

Roberta was trained by Paulo Costa, Licensed Trainer in LSP. 

If you are living in Brazil and are looking for LSP certification please contact Paulo: 

Paulo Costa  BA, MBA, Post Graduate Certificate
Licensed Trainer
Playground: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Phone: +55.21.9963.47378

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