Playsonality© Facilitator Training in Whistler 2023


We launched the first full facilitator certification training program for our new methodology, Playsonality, in Whistler on October 17,  2023 at the award-winning Nita Lake Lodge.  The inventors and designers of this program were on hand to run the workshop, answer questions, and provide insights into how adult play translates into performance. 






We were excited to have such great attendance, with facilitators joining us from around the world. They came from Holland, Spain, Austria, Germany, Panama, Mexico, Hong Kong, Macau, the U.S.A., and Canada—of course!


We primarily designed the program to help people explore their playstyles while educating them on the many benefits of play that balance well-being. It is perfect for individual coaching or team performance, or even new teams. But it can also be used for career transitions or educational planning. The applications are limitless.  If you are curious, please download this educational brochure

This one-day training program is centered around the core Playsonality assessment, followed by the workshop to validate and explore the playstyle profile.


Priceless insights emerge from our Strategic Play Playsonality process.

We pulled the workshop materials together into one very cool box designed specifically for facilitators to take to their own play-based workshops they will be facilitating. Along with their certification, participants also received exclusive supplies, including their play DNA Identity cards, fingerprint play DNA stamp,  DNA decoding book, and powerful card sets that make this fun-filled yet educational program shine.


The post-course training includes professionally-developed online resources, including video clips featuring professional actors, art materials, success stories, and workbooks that make this program not only customizable and relevant but very timely in today’s work environment.

If you are looking for a creative and fun way to increase well-being and engagement, this is it.

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