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Photo by Jodi H.                                                                          Photo by Carl O.                                                                                        Photo by Arturo G. 

Play takes all forms. It can be board games, athletic events, artistic endeavors, and so much more. What is something you like to do for fun when you just want to relax and enjoy yourself? Chances are, it involves some sort of play.

Are you familiar with the traveling gnome prank? Someone steals a garden gnome and then they take it traveling and photograph the gnome’s adventures, returning the pictures to the gnome’s owner. This happened to a BC woman six years ago. The missing gnome reappeared one day with a book filled with photos of his journey.

This of course makes us think of our traveling LEGO project. The idea is similar, but it doesn’t involve petty theft.  You use your own Minifigures or LEGO ducks. But you could certainly use someone else’s, as long as you politely ask permission first.

As we all venture back out into the world, we’d like to invite you to participate. It’s a fun way to work a little creativity and play into your life. Be imaginative about locations and posing. Recognizable landmarks are always fun, but it can be just as entertaining to take photos in a park or in the woods. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Focus the camera in on the Lego. The background will be a bit blurry, but that’s fine—people will understand what they are looking at.
  2. If someone is helping you by holding your Lego, you may need to remind them not to hold the Lego too closely to what you want to capture. You need distance between the Lego and the background to get a great shot.
  3. Try not to feel self-conscious if you think people are looking at you funny. They’re the ones who don’t know how to play!
  4. Don’t be hard on yourself if the picture doesn’t turn out the way you expected. It takes practice to get that great shot. And while it’s a nifty keepsake, the point is to have fun and be creative. If you do that, count it a success.

So get out there and give it a try. If you are following us anywhere on social media, you’re welcome to DM your photos to us. Or you can email them: We can’t wait to see where your Lego friends go and to help you share them with the world.

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