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Creative Reflections: Self-Care Project

Materials:  Any LEGO SERIOUS PLAY bricks or random LEGO bricks


Everyone needs an occasional break to sit back and take everything in. Like many of us, you’re probably guilty of focusing too much on everything but yourself. But as you know, focusing your energies on everything and everyone else isn’t healthy. You really do need to check in on how you’re doing on occasion.

This is particularly true if you’ve undergone a prolonged period of stress (like a pandemic).

We have a creative activity we’d like you to try, to take a look at yourself and how you feel you’ve been impacted by the stresses of the past year. We’re giving you the freedom to execute this in any fashion you choose. You can use whatever LEGO bricks you have on hand. Anything you choose will be perfect. You could even do this with modeling clay, or even draw a picture.

And feel free to take a literal approach or be as abstract as you please.


  1. Think about yourself back in the old normal, before lock downs set in. Build or create a model that represents how you thought of yourself back then. Include any positives or negatives. Now take a sheet of paper and write words or phrases about how you saw yourself then.


  1. Let’s do this a second time, but now create a model of how you see yourself now. And then write about how you currently see yourself.


Personal Reflection Debrief: 

  1. In what ways have you changed?
  2. Think about what you’ve learned.
  3. Are you a stronger person than you realized?
  4. Have you been able to ask for and accept help?
  5. Journal about the insights.


Now you can do what you wish with your project. Destroy it or save it to look back on.

This is personal, so don’t feel obligated to share with anyone unless you want to and feel safe to share.



  • 6/1/2021 12:00:32 PM
  • Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
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