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Creative Conflict: A Practical Guide for Business Negotiators

By  Bill Sanders and Frank Mobus

Publication Date: June 15, 2021

Review Date: April 2021 

Sanders and Mobus were long time colleagues, working together in the creation and delivery of advanced negotiation training programs. In Creative Conflict, they set out to show the reader how to engage in deal-making in the modern, ultra competitive business world. Negotiating has historically been a fairly straightforward process, but has since become a more creative and collaborative effort, requiring the participants to be adept at strategic planning. The inherent conflict in the process sets the stage for both parties to collaborate, seeking ways they can each benefit from the negotiations. This is fundamentally difficult because our cultural norms teach us to avoid conflict, causing negotiators to accept less-than-desirable deals. Throughout Creative Conflict, the authors provide real-life examples demonstrating the power of creative conflict strategies in benefiting the involved parties. Additionally, end-of-chapter summaries provide a straightforward review of the information covered. While the book’s focus is on the negotiation process, it is still a practical read for anyone interested in learning more about creative conflict.

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