Adults at Play


We have our share of eager and excited clients, both old and new. But sometimes, new prospects approach us with apprehension. They’ve heard about our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods workshops, but they aren’t quite sure what to make of everything. However, they have heard good things and are interested in learning more.

They may say creative and playful workshops sound fine for something like team building, but can they really help find solutions to serious and difficult problems? Will we be able to convince the relevant members of their organization, particularly the most senior, to give it a fair shot?

The stigma of adult play is so strongly ingrained in many cultures that some people may feel downright embarrassed by the prospect. They may even laugh at the thought of a serious executive sitting down to a table piled with LEGO bricks. But we can assure you that when you lay the proper groundwork, you will see impressive results.

With careful planning, you can be prepared to make a compelling case. If someone contacts you but they sound doubtful, just remember the fact they were intrigued enough to approach you means they are willing to consider something new.  For ideas on how to convince people to give it a try, see our 7 Top Tips we previously shared on getting C-Suite executives to play.

Do you have any success stories or tips on getting through to the most doubtful individuals? Share them with us here in the comments or drop us an email.

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