LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods: Course Overview

Everyone is waking up to the Power of Play!  


Proudly, we have been around the world! 

We have been everywhere from the mines of Bolivia, the halls of finance in Germany, the US Air Force Training Base in Montgomery, Alabama, and the innovation hubs of Procter and Gamble.. and all parts in between. 

Strategic organizations are ready to play smart and work happy! 

 Are you ready to add this powerful tool to your tool kit and be in demand by organizations around the world?

Your clients are hoping you are. 

Think of our courses like LEGO® bricks, they all snap together to build an excellent program. 


  1.  Getting Started:  If you are new to LSP, click on the boxes in the first and second row and see the full description. 
  2.  Advance your skills:  If you have already taken Teams and Groups, Strategic Story, or Creative Coaching, take a look at the more advanced classes.
  3.  If you are looking for a new challenge, our Master Trainer and Curriculum Designer are busy working on the next level of courses which will be ready very soon. 




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