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Creative Reflections: Another Self-Care Project with LEGO Bricks

We’re human. And with all the constant uncertainty around business and life in general, it feels like we’ve been on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster.

This time, we’re asking you to get outside and enjoy the healing qualities of nature. Studies have shown spending time in nature can help decrease stress, strengthen immunity, and even improve cognitive abilities.[1] It’s safe to say we could all use an emotional pick-me-up, so let’s get to it.

Start by choosing your location. Do you have a park, botanical garden, or trail nearby? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have access to a cabin in the woods—but if you are, hopefully you’re luckier than all those kids in movies who do!

Now pack a small bag with a few supplies: a camera and some Lego bricks or art materials of your choice, maybe include some water and snacks. As you walk, take in the sounds and smells. Try to focus your thoughts on your surroundings. When you find a spot that has some special unspoken appeal to you, take a break. Find a place you can sit down and build or create something. Don’t think about what, just make something. Does that sound familiar? Next pose your creation and take a photo.

Hopefully you arrive home feeling rejuvenated, and you have a fun creation and photo to remember your outing. Feel free to share these with us, if you’d like.




  • 9/16/2021 10:04:19 PM
  • Jacqueline Lloyd Smith
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